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arbonAds is a leading online Ad Tech company in West-Africa. We  offering multi-channel targeting and media buying solutions! Our In-App and Mobile-Web targeting algorithms for advertisers and publishers instantly increase brand and inventory popularity by over 400%. With us, you are able to connect with the right target audiences locally and globally on mobile devices through creative, intuitive and unique mobile banners.

Do you measure performance by impressions (CPM), by click (CPC), by action (CPA) or by install (CPI)?

We speak your language!

Just few key features:


Semi-manage your ad campaigns and traffic in real-time from your customized dashboard

Traffic Source

*Premium Publishers *Supply Side Platforms

Targeting Options

*Behavioural *Geographic *Technographic *Demographic *Frequency *Time-of-Day *Advertisement ID

*Real-time Bidding *Machine Learning *SDK/Data Integrations *Fraud Detection
Responsive Design

Interactive eye-catching ads for your campaigns.

Great Support

Our sales team is here to offer you 24/7 support.  Guaranteeing you quality service

Ad Formats & Sizes

All IAB specified banner sizes and formats accepted. Possibility to scale with auto play video and all other rich-media tags and formats

Auto Play Video
Mobile Banners
Native Ads
Rich Media Ads
Interstitial Banners
300×50 Banner
320×50 Banner
300×250 Banner

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ay goodbye to assumptive marketing. We offer a better way to target and share your content with the right audience a the right time of day. This eliminates wastage by ensuring that every Ad dollar is well spent. Learn how location targeting unlocks new opportunities to identify and influence consumers while driving mobile traffic and sales.

Try CarbonAds today. It’s easy and it works!

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